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train route

Braye Station (1)

Built in the 1980’s and replaced in 2008. The first public passenger train ran on 5th April 1980.


School Crossing (2)

St Anne School Crossing begins the gradual curved climb as the train moves through the Banquage.


Builder’s Merchant (3)

As the line straightens out briefly. It passes Blanchard on the right


Battery Crossing (4)

The Islands Water reservoir on the right, on the left a view of Braye Bay at one end is the breakwater 869m (2850 ft) in length, (originally 1425m) and rough water shows its original length. On the opposite side of the bay is


Fort Albert (5)

The main fort in a series of forts built in the 1850’s, at the same time as the breakwater.


Incline Begins (6)

The line climbs in earnest (at its steepest a rise of 1 in 70) provides the ever changing view of Braye Bay.


Whitegates (7)

The highest point on the line at just over 22m (70ft), it then loses height on the gentler decline giving views of Essex Castle (built around 1550) on the right sitting above a splendid view of


Longis Bay (8)

Beyond which can be seen the coast of France (Cap de La Hague & Flamanville).


Sharps Farm Crossing (9)

At this crossing on the left is a glimpse of the Hammond Memorial erected by an Island family in 1964, After the crossing a straight stretch of line overlooks Corblets Bay and the water filled quarry, now stocked for fishing.


Berry’s Crossing (10)

Fort Corblet on the left and Berry’s Quarry on the right.


Mannez Quarry (11)

Overlooked by the German built Coastal Battery Observation Post (known locally as the ‘Odeon’ virtually at the Eastern extremity of the Island with a view of the lighthouse and a path to the Bird Hide at Longis Pond we arrive at the Rail sheds.